It’s been a truism of late that both advertising and public relation agencies are dragging their feet with regard to accepting (and adopting) Web 2.0 media tools. A quick look at recent award programs, however, suggest the much derided ad companies may not be the laggards. At the recent Golden Lion awards at Cannes – the Academy Awards of the global advertising industry – the grand prize winner was a viral video produced for Dove by Ogilvy & Mather. The ad gained it’s claim to fame on YouTube and not in a traditional television campaign. And it was really viral – I had at least three friends send it to me via email and it was on numerous Web lists. See this post for details.  Compare that to the recent IABC Silver Anvil awards – ostensibly the best of the best of public relations – where many winning campaigns tilted towards the tried and true, and only one specifically mentioned a blog. I’m fairly confident that there were some Web 2.0 applications used in some of these campaigns, but the fact none were highlighted and that no categories reflect the new trends – no awards for corporate blogs?? – says enough. And an award for digital media (e.g. intranets) does not cut it. Seems like I’m not the only one who noticed the timewarp – see this post by Shel Holtz. It will be interesting to see if – and how fast – this trend evolves in the coming years.