A recent column in Ad Age from an executive recruiter suggests that a majority of marketing and advertising executives still do not have the required chops in online media to adequately do their jobs – and this is offered up as a probable reason for the merry-go-round of CMOs in the corporate world. While some lag in expertise and experience is understandable, given the rapidly evolving media and technology environment, this gap explains some of the painful adjustments and mistakes we’ve seen from the advertising world in recent months. Some agencies seem to think it’s still 1980 (hello pharma companies) and are sticking to their trite, 30-second television model no matter what. Others are dabbling in digital tools with ill-advised and clumsy forays in online marketing. A few, thankfully, have accepted the dramatic shift in communication habits and are making important changes to their brand management strategies. Let’s check back in 6 months to see what progress had been made – particularly in the leadership ranks.