I just returned from a one week trip to various locales in Ontario to visit family and let the kids meet some of their cousins. Nothing dramatic to report really. There is still plenty of good things I love about Canada – the decorum of politics, the cosmopolitan restaurants, the peerless museums and the prominence of hockey – and some things that I don’t like as much – such as the European-influenced propensity to smoke furiously, the frustrating strikes by quasi-governmental workers and the glaring lack of choice across a range of services (no HBO!?!) I didn’t have time to meet with former colleagues in the communications field, so no great observations on the reaction to the Web 2.0 revolution. I can report, however, that the major newspapers and national broadcast news programs are still exceptional and refreshingly free of bombast and bias. Nice to see there is a world beyond Bill O’Reilly and Katie Couric.