An article in the NY Times about the new Nike campaign on female athletes reminded me of a truism that is too often forgotten in the cacophony of hype about new technology and channels – it’s ultimately the resonance of the campaign message that matters most. From what I have seen, this campaign is everything that has made Nike a paragon of cutting-edge marketing over the past two decades, but it’s the storyline more than the delivery that is most impressive. Nike has consistently taken a brave stance in favor of promoting athletes that are women – rather than women who are athletes. That stark, simple theme stands out in a very crowded marketing environment. And it’s credible because this fits perfectly with the Nike brand identity and is the latest in a series of provocative messages that celebrate individual achievement. I’m certain Nike will use a variety of cool tactics and tools to get the message out and will generate discussion among consumers and critics alike. And yeah, they are likely to sell a lot of products, because that is how they stay in business. But without the core message these tactics would be meaningless. A timely reminder.