I’ve got to give him credit. Richard Edelman – CEO of his eponymous PR agency – seems to get it. Social media…that is. Although his agency has been involved in some celebrated snafus involving social media (check out this post by BL Ochman for an accounting of the latest mess) Edelman’s personal blog – which summarizes his recent presentation at a Forrester Consumer Forum – says all the right things and reflects a solid understanding of the nuances and norms of social media. Perhaps Edelman’s most salient point is in his headline – “be it, don’t buy it.” It’s a refreshing, timely plug for building credibility through candor and behavior rather than hype.  But as Edelman alludes to in his blog, the real challenge lies in convincing deep-pocket clients to forego the carpet-bombing PR campaigns and take a leap of faith into the messy, uncontrolled and egalitarian world of social media. And getting folks in his own agency to avoid tripping on their shoelaces should help too.