Read an interesting post by my fellow Canadian at Buzz Canuck that does a good job of capturing the paradox that as online blog quantity grows blog quality appears to be going downhill. It does seem increasingly difficult to find good blogs that contribute original, insightful commentary rather than diatribes or just a digest from the usual aggregators. But another point that hit home for me, as a blogger, is the ongoing challenge to keep posts current, relevant and fresh. Like many others, I’ve cut down on the number of posts I write but strive to pack more punch (nutrition?) when I do post. That’s not always easy. I have as much trouble as anybody finding the time to write, let alone the content. And I probably don’t do a good enough job of engaging in conversations with fellow bloggers (commenting on their sites) rather than just using their posts as thought starters. But despite the warts, the blogosphere remains a vital part of my personal and professional development. The greatest value for me is that it forces me to listen, learn and think.