As I immerse myself in my feeds and try to catch up on social media news and trends – after relative isolation behind corporate firewalls – one of the most interesting stories I’ve seen relates to the shift in search to social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Check out this blog post by Steve Rubel on the topic, which documents the huge growth in search on Twitter. I’ve actually seen evidence of this trend in my own surfing habits…as I find increasingly find myself searching on whatever platform I’m on – whether it be LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook – rather than jumping out to search on Google. Part of the reason this is possible is the expanded traffic for these platforms and the fact many of my “friends” or contacts are reachable through the social networks, but I’ve also found even general results can be more relevant and intuitive than the regimented data from Google.

Could this be the tip of the iceberg for the end of Google’s dominance as the world’s default search engine? Google itself seems to be aware of this trend, as per this article on CNET, though they define this trend as “social discovery” and posit that friends will increasingly help us find information or sites. It will be interesting to watch as this issue unfolds.