A recent article in Fast Company fuels the fire of skeptics that claim Twitter is a nebulous fad with little commercial potential…and fading rapidly. Though the stats mentioned likely have merit – I’m still trying to figure out the most valuable purpose of Twitter in my own social media portfolio – I’m not sure I buy the predictions of Twitter’s demise. Two characteristics of social media in the past few years have been the utter unpredictability of the evolution of platforms and viability and the protean resilience of survivors. Was anyone praising Facebook as the next giant several years ago? Or suggesting MySpace would lose popularity? Or expecting the massive growth of online users in countries like China or Brazil? Or even contemplating the concept of free (or low-c0st) software or information. Few of these trends were predicted or visible a few years ago.

With new applications and uses being introduced daily, it’s difficult to see what will stick or make money. This may be due to the inherently “social” aspect of social media – with a mobile army of consumers, developers, engineers and geeks helping to shape the development and evolution of platforms and technology. Whatever the cause, I think it is positive for users, who can expect constant reinvention and innovation in technology.