I’ve been pleased to find increasing examples of organizations using social media tools to recruit talent – and in some cases to find and engage alumni. This is a new twist that goes beyond using  social media to engage employees already within the company. Many companies have used LinkedIn to post jobs, check references, engage alumni and find potential recruits. (In fact, I found my previous corporate job entirely through LinkedIn. ) But some companies are going beyond this strategy, including this one using  Twitter to throw its recruiting net.

What’s next in this trend? One strategy that seems to (finally) be getting traction is leveraging corporate groups on networks like Facebook. Many companies start out with monitoring the informal/rogue company groups, while others take a more proactive approach by adding an official voice to these networks or even creating their own virtual gathering place. The hope is that the folks on these networks help spread the word about job openings and/or recommend potential recruits through the on-line grapevine. Other companies try to leverage their presence in Second Life (or other virtual worlds) much like a virtual recruiting booth in colleges and job fairs. There are also plenty of recruiting videos posted on YouTube – like this one from Cisco – which range from very original to utterly predictable. And of course, companies have tried to influence – if not steer – relevant content on sites like Wikipedia and Vault, with mixed results.  Still, companies are clearly making an effort to join  the conversations and provide information that will feed into search results on the company.

Whatever the approach, it’s good to see more companies embracing new approaches to recruit talent.