Read an interesting post by Dave McLure that makes a strong case that PR simply does not “get” the Web 2.0 revolution. I don’t want to pile on, but I have to agree with many of his points. I think the most important issue is not one of talent or even willingness, but one of knowledge. As I’ve reported before, far too many PR professionals are woefully ignorant of emerging techonology and trends that impact communication; that’s ok (I guess) if you are an accountant or pilot, but not if you are being paid to help companies communicate, buld their brand and sell their products. And it’s not ok when entire generations of consumers are getting information and joining conversations outside traditional media. The irony is that some PR agencies can easily leverage expertise in the area of new media – notably those that are in global holding companies and can partner with a range of specialized, cutting-edge boutiques – but too often these firms are not closely integrated with the PR teams. The only PR agencies I have seen that truly “get it” are those that have brought Web 2.0 expertise in the house, so to speak, causing the entire agency to learn new tricks and join the revolution. Here’s hoping the rest of the PR community gets on board.